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Any update or ETA for the Android version? The Google play button returns no results

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Hi! I've been enjoying the gameplay a lot! However, the music doesn't seem to play no matter what I set the setting to. Any suggestions?

edit: nevermind, it suddenly started playing when I loaded it up today. Go figure.

Glad you got it working! Sorry for the slow reply.


Really nice!  On Android however it can be quite challenging at times to see the ball due to its size and colour, not sure what to suggest though 🤷‍♂️


On Linux, are we just supposed to quit with ALT+F4? I don't see a quit button or a menu of any kind?


Thanks for the feedback Liam. This is currently the case - an oversight - but I'm going to release a version in a day or two that fixes this and other bugs. Happy golfing!


Liam: this is fixed now!